Meet Jan & Bill Moore

Jan Moore

Jan Moore

Spiritual Empowerment & Intuitive Success Coach

Co-Founder of aSmilingWorld, Jan is a Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Success Coach known as the ‘people seer’ and ‘blueprint changer’. She is a certified life and executive coach and she helps her clients reach their highest potential and fulfill their purpose by clearing the limiting beliefs that sabotage their success and developing unstoppable self-confidence in their ability to succeed. Jan provides creative solutions and intuitive guidance, sprinkled with spiritual and metaphysical principles. She is like a ‘midwife of the spirit’, assisting her clients through a spiritual re-birth process so they can step into their power and fulfill their purpose.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Business Mentor, Startup & Turnaround Expert

Co-Founder of aSmilingWorld, Bill teaches, speaks and writes on conscious business and helps visionary entrepreneurs fulfill their life purpose by building profitable businesses that make a positive contribution to the world. Bill is a business consultant, mentor and trainer with vast experience building multi-million dollar companies and as a US and European turnaround expert. He is best known for his ‘positive results’ oriented business mentoring and for achieving 100’s of percentage point increases in sales and, more importantly, as high as 80% increases in gross profits by facilitating positive, people oriented change.

Our Story

At the age of 54 in 2009, Jan was divinely guided to undertake her ‘journey to consciousness’ that would pair her with her twin flame Bill Moore. Although brought up in Fort Worth, Texas, Bill was living in North East England and their meeting was part of the Divine plan for fulfilling their joint purpose. During their first six months together they devoted themselves to self-discovery, spiritual learning and meditation, which led Jan to receive the vision for the Festival of Enlightenment and to their shared commitment to create positive change for people and the world.
Jan and Bill left England for the USA in the spring of 2010 with only a couple of suitcases and embarked on a series of adventures leading to the creation of the 2011 Festival of Enlightenment in Colorado as an exercise in Divine manifestation.

Since that leap of faith in 2010, they have been divinely guided through a myriad of amazing experiences, successes and mistakes, joys and challenges, which have taken them far beyond conventional experience to see first-hand the role of consciousness and quantum physics in manifestation.

Read on for more about Jan & Bill’s amazing journey…

How did you meet?

Jan: We met at a networking event in Birmingham, England in November 2008 where Bill was giving a talk. I was going through a very difficult period in my life and had just learned about the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. When he started explaining about rewiring the brain and the power of quantum physics, it struck a chord with me and I introduced myself to him at the end of his talk.

Bill: It’s a great example of how Divine guidance works because I almost cancelled my appearance. The organizers hadn’t given me any information about the group, the location or anything to help me prepare and it turned out to be a really difficult journey to get there from Hull in North East England. But for some reason I felt compelled to go and it was the best decision I ever made!

So did you get together immediately?

Jan: No. I knew the organizer had connected with Bill through Ecademy (a business networking site) so I contacted Bill there and we had a phone conversation, but then no further contact until the following year.

Bill: Yes, Jan got in touch again in May 2009 and asked if she could meet me to get some advice about some business problems. So we arranged to meet at Waterloo Station in London and spent a couple of hours together in a coffee shop, culminating in Jan asking me to be her mentor, which I agreed to do. I spent the next 4 months talking to Jan on the phone for an hour or so every week about her business problems, which turned out to be related to personal problems with her family and marriage that were draining her energy and vitality and affecting her business.

Jan: It was after several months of mentoring in the fall of 2009 that Bill asked me to go into business with him and soon after that we realized that we were meant to be together as life partners as well as business partners.

Bill: We discovered we were twin flames and have lived and worked together virtually 24/7 since that time. I never realized over that few months of telephone mentoring that the most powerful part of my life would come by teaming up with Jan.

What gave you the idea for aSmilingWorld?

Bill: I had the idea for aSmilingWorld in 2007 which started out as the concept for a business conference to help people learn how to create a conscious business by treating people right. I had learned long before that doing so always leads to a much more successful business and more joy in being in that business.

Jan: When Bill told me his plans for aSmilingWorld in early 2009, I was so inspired I decided to close my internet marketing business and help him to develop the company. Then when I received the vision for the Festival of Enlightenment, the scope of aSmilingWorld grew and the complete picture was gradually revealed to us over the next 3 years. I’m sure it will continue to evolve as we continue our own evolution.  I still laugh about Bill’s shock at my revelation that his 3 day business conference had to be a festival with music, learning and celebration.

What did you do before aSmilingWorld?

Bill: I’ve built multi-million dollar businesses and I’ve also been broke, so I’ve experienced both ends of the spectrum! I’ve worked with many blue-chip companies as well as small businesses, so I’ve been blessed with a great variety of business experience. Working in both the UK and all of the continental USA has also meant I’m familiar with the differences between the American and English business cultures.

Jan: I worked for over 20 years in corporate project management, training and development, before I became an independent business consultant in 2004, specializing in business strategy, project management and internet marketing. I wrote a book on Social Media Marketing in 2008 when interest in social media for business was just beginning and trained entrepreneurs how to promote their business using social media marketing.

What made you move into training and mentoring?

Jan: I realized that my work as a manager was always focused on mentoring the members of my teams to develop their skills and achieve their career goals. As I became more and more committed to my own personal and spiritual development, I realized it was my calling to help others to develop and improve on every level and help them overcome the challenges that prevent them from achieving happiness, fulfillment and prosperity.

Bill: I’ve always loved helping people and, exactly like Jan, I realized that my work as a manager and business owner was always focused on mentoring the members of my team. Even before Jan and I met, my initial vision for aSmilingWorld was focused on teaching conscious business, which we’re now delivering through the Success Frequency business and marketing program and through our online and live events.

How has your previous experience helped in creating aSmilingWorld?

Bill: Because my experience has been so diverse, the lessons learned from what did and didn’t work covered a wide spectrum that I feel very blessed to have seen.  This is what I desire to share, as was shared with me by a brilliant business mentor that I had when I owned my equipment company.  My mentor, a gentleman named Bob Masucci, gave so selflessly to help me achieve success that it inspired me to pass on my learning to others as well.

Jan: One thing I’ve learned is that every experience happens for a reason and even things that seem insignificant and unrelated turn out to play an important part in fulfilling your purpose. My passion for horses turned out to be the catalyst for my spiritual journey and personal development, and my experiences with horses have provided masses of input to the content of our personal development programs. My IT analysis experience has equipped me to systematically break down the process of manifestation so I can teach it to others. My experience in business, management and marketing has provided content for the Empower Your Work program, and has given me the ability to contribute to the success of aSmilingWorld. My own personal challenges have equipped me to help others going through similar circumstances with advice based on real practical experience rather than textbook theory.

Are there any significant life experiences that have caused your own transformation?

Jan: Too many to include them all here, but the recurrent theme in my life, particularly over the last 10 years, has been about overcoming fear. It was through recognizing this pattern that I came to realize my life purpose in helping others overcome fear in all its forms. When we created the Festival of Enlightenment, there were many times when we could have easily given up when we ran out of money, if we had given in to fear and focused on the obstacles rather than the vision. That whole experience was transformational for us, as well as the Festival itself being transformational for the people who attended.

Probably the pivotal event for me was several months after the Festival when a series of circumstances conspired to leave us with no money, no food, no vehicle, and on the verge of being evicted from our accommodation. It was the final test to make us choose between fear and faith. That day we chose to believe that the solution would present itself and that we were taken care of by the Divine, and as a result of that belief I not only manifested the money we needed, but it was the beginning of a whole series of miracles that have provided the resources to create aSmilingWorld and fulfill our purpose. It confirmed for me that we live in a Universe based on love and are safe and protected at all times, so there is nothing to fear.

Bill:  Probably everything in my life but one thing really stands out… While living in England I worked on a turnaround project in a major pharmaceutical company and it was there that I truly saw how dark the drive for profit with total disregard for human life could be.  I remember walking to the train station in the mornings and thinking, “if this is what life is all about I don’t want to live it anymore.”  Within a short time I was in the Hospital with acute pancreatitis and a 50/50 chance of living.  I recall thinking “it is okay if it goes either way but I see clearly now how you get what you think and believe in”…  Since then, with a lot of research and looking into quantum physics, I have come to realize every single thing we are taught is the exact opposite of how the Divine Universe really works.  The teachings we all grew up with were actually ‘programming’ to serve an agenda that is not in our best interests.

Is your spiritual teaching associated with a specific religion or philosophy?

Jan: No. I was brought up in Church of England Christianity but felt no connection with those teachings and during my young adult years considered myself an agnostic humanist. My studies over the last 10 years have led me to learn aspects of different philosophies, and I’ve incorporated elements that intuitively feel right into my teaching. I recommend the same approach to our clients and, while I introduce spiritual and metaphysical concepts to them, I don’t try to impose my beliefs on them but encourage them to develop their own, based on what feels right to them. My spiritual exploration has been like a treasure hunt, with the next stage in my learning being revealed to me at the perfect time, leading me down a path of discovery. Probably the most influential books for me have been Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” and “A Course in Miracles” as they have provided invaluable insights into the ego and the personal and global consequences of allowing the ego to dominate our thinking and behavior.

Bill: Specific ‘organized’ religions have (in almost all cases) drifted from what their founders were trying to teach. The original doctrine has been manipulated to serve a different agenda, which in most cases is just another form of government – an agenda not in your spirit or your soul’s best interest, so my approach is based on my learning which includes what many spiritual teachers had to say, not on religious interpretation.

Do you have distinct roles in the company?

Jan: Yes… and no! Bill’s primary focus is on business turnarounds and profit growth using the principles of conscious business. My focus is on personal empowerment to create success in all aspects of life and I see this as being the essential foundation for a successful business. I also love to work with business owners to develop their compelling message and create a marketing strategy that includes a powerful client attracting website. So Bill and I work together to combine our individual skills to provide a complete package of services for businesses.

Bill: Our roles definitely overlap and we have developed a 3 day Business Booster workshop that combines our skills and experience to help businesses become more successful and double their profits. Because we both have extensive business experience, share a passion for helping people to succeed and believe in going beyond conventional success strategies  to work with Universal Laws of success, together we can help business owners achieve outstanding results.

Jan & Bill, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working so closely together?

Bill:  As Jan is my twin flame we are like two halves of the same soul… therefore I never see a disadvantage.  I only see Love that grows better every day.

Jan: As Bill said, we have worked happily together since 2009 and feel very blessed to share the same vision. We discuss everything openly and support each other every step of the way. Above all we are great friends and we make things fun and enjoyable. Of course, when your work is also your passion, it isn’t work at all. As Confucius says “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

What do each of you uniquely contribute to aSmilingWorld and the planet?

Jan: My intuitive ability to reconnect people with their true self, introducing them to the awesome power we all have to create the world we want to live in and the life we want to lead, for the benefit of all.

Bill:   My contribution is sharing what the Divine creator of this Universe has blessed me with seeing and learning.  I merely see myself like a radio for that Universal truth and power to speak through.

What are the most important aspects of your teaching?  

Bill:  The absolute fact that what we are taught, see in the media, government and church is for someone else’s interest not our own and it is the opposite of how creation and manifestation actually works.

Jan: Helping people realize their true power when they take control of their thoughts and emotions and focus on creating what they want from life instead of focusing on their problems. When they learn how to work with the Laws of the Universe and let go of all the false information we’ve been taught, it’s wonderful to see their lives change as they shift into love, joy, peace and abundance.

Why is your work so important at this time?

Bill:  There is an endgame on the horizon for Mother Earth due to the current state of human consciousness, and the New Earth will leave behind those stuck in the ‘ego mind’, clinging to traditional learning. I want to help people shift their consciousness and raise their vibrational frequency so they can see and experience the New Earth.

Jan: Humanity is on course to destroy itself because of escalating conflict, and is on course to destroy the planet due to the exploitation and destruction of the environment. We are at crisis point, and the only way we can stop the destruction is by turning the tide of consciousness away from fear, greed, conflict and aggression to love, joy, peace and abundance.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Bill: Being with Jan no matter what we are doing.

Jan: Reading, watching good movies, spending time with our dog and horses and being in nature.

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