Empowerment & Success Coaching

Your Fast-Track to Success With Our One-To-One Coaching and Mentoring

Empowerment & Success Coaching & Mentoring to Fast-Track Your Success

When you work one-to-one with one of our experienced empowerment coaches we’re able to quickly identify your core issues, transform your limiting beliefs and help you discover your soul and life purpose, bringing you the clarity you need to create the life of your dreams.

Our empowerment coaching leads you to understand your purpose and discover your true power and magnificence so you can move quickly to a place of empowered creation to manifest the life of your dreams.

The answers you seek are within. We’re here to help you find them and act on them, bringing you the success, happiness and fulfillment you’re seeking.

Why empowerment coaching is so effective...

a Personal program designed specially for you
a Individual instruction in positive manifestation
a Explore your natural gifts and discover your purpose
a Identify and resolve core issues blocking your success
a Transform limiting beliefs and negative conditioning into empowering habits
a Discover the meaning and purpose of your life’s challenges
a Learn strategies for turning challenges into achievements

Our Coaches

Janet Moore

Jan Moore

Jan has over 30 years experience as a leader, coach and mentor and teaches, speaks and writes on personal empowerment, conscious evolution and manifestation. Jan’s mission is to assist and inspire people to fulfill their purpose and manifest love, joy, peace and abundance.

Bill Moore

Bill Moore

Bill has many years of experience in businesses large and small, including building his own multi-million dollar companies. Bill’s mission is to promote conscious business by helping visionary entrepreneurs build profitable businesses that make a positive contribution to the world.

Richie Moore

Richie Moore

Richie is an expert in personal development, coaching and training with a particular interest in natural health, diet and nutrition, and spiritual development. His mission is to help people improve their health, well-being and performance so that they can live life to the full.


 Arrange a FREE Discovery Session

It doesn’t matter where you live; all you need is a phone or a computer and an internet connection. All we need to do is co-ordinate time zones and schedule an hour to talk via Skype or phone.

Start with a free Discovery session so that we can find out about your current goals and challenges, and you can get to know us and decide if our program is right for you. Whether it’s personal, business or health related, we’ll help you create the best possible outcome.

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