Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams Online Course

If you’re a change maker, spiritual seeker or visionary entrepreneur and believe you have a mission to make a positive difference in the world but you’re not achieving the success you deserve, then you’ve come to the right place.

Now is the Time to Step Into Your Power, Live Your Truth, Fulfill Your Purpose and Create a Life of Happiness and Prosperity

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re lacking clarity about your life purpose and soul mission…
  • You have dreams and desires that you want to manifest…
  • You’re struggling with fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that cause you to self-sabotage…
  • You have a deep desire to make a positive contribution to the world…
  • You’re unhappy with your life but you don’t know how to change it…
  • You haven’t yet succeeded in the areas of your life you’re most passionate about.

That’s OK. Life is a journey, after all… and you’re obviously committed to improving your life, otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

The problem is that we’ve all had years of conditioning and life experiences that have not only created false beliefs about ourselves but we’ve also been taught the opposite of how the Universe really works.

So what if you could release your personal blocks to manifesting your dreams, clarify your life purpose, and know how to get from where you are now to where you KNOW (deep down) you need to be so you can deliver your unique contribution to the world?

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle… Enjoying love, joy, peace and abundance is your birthright, and there’s no reason why you can’t achieve that when you understand how, and when you remove the doubts, fears and limiting beliefs that are getting in the way.

Every problem has a solution. When you believe in your power to create, understand the Laws of the Universe and  focus on solutions not problems, anything is possible.

“Everyone has a unique purpose and special contribution to make to the world. Now is the time for you to live authentically, fulfill your life purpose, and step into your power to manifest the life you were born to live.”

The Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams Program

Our Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams program is the result of over 10 years of research, personal experiences and Divine insights, plus the PROVEN methods used in our Empower Your Life coaching program that we’ve been delivering to clients since 2008.

In the past we’ve built multi-million dollar businesses, and hit rock-bottom, so we’ve been at both ends of the spectrum of success and failure (although we don’t consider it failure – just a valuable learning experience).

We know what works and what doesn’t work and our purpose is to share all our learning with people like you who are determined to be successful and want to make a difference.

We discovered the keys to lasting transformation, not just temporary motivation, and they’ve been tried, tested and proved to work.

Manifestation is a conscious process and to become consistently successful at manifesting what you want on purpose rather than what you don’t want by accident you need to develop the right mindset and follow the 7 step process and principles to guarantee outstanding results.

If you’re ready to create positive change in your life, join us for an exciting journey of discovery and become a master manifester of your life purpose, soul mission and Divine destiny.

HowThe Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams Program Will Change Your Life

  • Overcome your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs so you can step into your powerful authentic self.
  • Get clarity on your life purpose and soul mission so you can build a spiritually based business or career.
  • Discover the real you and deepen your self-love so you can createsuccess and truly lovingrelationships.
  • Learn how toraise your consciousness for faster and easier manifestation.
  • Eradicate negativity andstop the self-sabotage.
  • Raise your vibrational frequency and turbo-chargethemanifestation process.
  • Discover the meaning & lessons in your life story and how to reverse negative self-image.
  • Step intoyour personal power, passion & purpose so you achieve yourvision and goals.
  • Understand the multi-dimensional manifestation process so you can turnyour dreams into reality.

Introducing Jan & Bill Moore

Hi! We’re Jan & Bill Moore and we’ve been on an amazing journey together since 2009. We took a leap of faith when we left England in 2010 with just a suitcase to develop the first Festival of Enlightenment, which was held in Estes Park, Colorado in 2011.

The 7 days and 7 nights Festival was our research project in manifestation. We had to face and overcome our own doubts, fears and limiting beliefs in order to do it, but we succeeded in creating a life-changing event from nothing, which is still being talked about in our private Facebook group over 4 years later.

We stepped outside ‘the matrix’ and discovered how to work in alignment with the Laws of the Universe to create a life of love, joy, peace and abundance.

Since then we’ve made it our mission to discover the truth about how manifestation really works and to help people step fully into their power as conscious creators.

“One can go to high profile speakers and hope to get what Jan and Bill present and teach in their program. These are down to earth people who practice what they teach. If you truly desire to become empowered in your life, and manifest your goals and dreams, then you need to take their Empower Your Life:Achieve Your Dreams course.” Don S.

Reiki Master

“Outstanding. I’ve been studying universal laws and principles for over 16 years and what Jan & Bill have put together has encapsulated everything that’s out there in a very well put together, organized fashion so that everyone – whether you’re an advanced student of universal laws, or a beginner – will be able to grasp the information and integrate it into your life to create a future you really want to live.”  Sylvia H.

Intuitive Life Coach

Have you ever felt that you were doing the wrong thing just to make money? I’ve done that time and time again and those ways to make money never worked out for very long. I am now clear on what I want to do and how to create abundance doing what I love.” Joanie M.

Personal Assistant Services

Are you ready to go on a ‘journey to consciousness‘ and discover a higher-dimensional way of living in which your ability to manifest the life you want will increase more and more as you practice what you’ve learned?

Your Journey Starts Here

Start Now

The Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams online course is delivered over12 weeks in 3 Modules.

You’re about to start your journey from where you are now to a life of success, happiness, fulfillment and prosperity.

This course brings together in one placethe tools, strategies and practical steps to manifestyour passion and purpose in alignment with Universal Laws, whether that meansa successful spiritually based business, perfect health or your dream relationship.

Module 1: Transform Your Past

“Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.” James Baldwin

The source of your doubts, fears and limiting beliefs lies in the past, and by understanding the meaning behind the circumstances that created them you can healand transform them into unshakable self-confidence and self-belief and remove the barriers to your success.

The 4 lessons in Module 1 will cover:

  • Understanding the meaning and lessons in your story so far.
  • Whatempowerment means and how to achieve it.
  • A life-check to focus on your highest priorities for change.
  • How your mind creates your reality and how to change it.
  • How to tap into your powersas a spiritual being.
  • The power of neutralitytochange your life.
  • Clearing thefears, doubts and limiting beliefs that are holding you back.
  • How to rewrite yourstory toempower you to achieveyour dreams, vision and purpose.

Module 2: Empower You Now!

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment.” Eckhart Tolle

You’ve learned how to let go of the baggage that no longer serves you. In this module you’ll focus on discovering your unique passion and purpose and developing a deep-seated beliefin yourself asthe truly talented and powerful person you are so you can fulfill your Divine destiny .

Here’s what the 4 lessons in Module 2 will cover:

  • Exploring your personalityand how it perfectly serves your purpose.
  • Accessing your passions and what fires your enthusiasm.
  • CelebratingALL your unique talents, gifts and abilities.
  • How to turn your challenges into catalysts for your growth and achievement.
  • Exercises to revealyour life purpose and soul mission.
  • How to fulfillyoursoul missionand life purpose.
  • Developing self-love – the critical factor in creatinga successful, happy and prosperous life.

Module 3: Achieve Your Dreams

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill

Now that you’ve learned how to overcome any barriers to your success and you’ve developed a deep understanding andappreciation of your unique gifts talents and purpose,this is whereyou’ll gain acompleteunderstandingof how manifestation worksso you canapply the Laws of the Universe to achieve your passion and purpose and create your dream life of happiness, fulfillment and prosperity.

The 4 lessons in Module 3 will teach you:

  • How to defineyourvision and goals for faster and easier co-creation.
  • The 3 levels of consciousness and how theyaffectmanifestation.
  • How to maintainthe mindsetfor effortless manifestation of your dreams and desires.
  • Essential steps to overcome obstacles, energy vampires and negativity.
  • How to raise your vibrational frequency and harness the power of the quantum field.
  • The single most powerful toolfor manifesting positive outcomes.
  • How to develop abundance consciousness andcreate unlimited prosperity.
  • The 3 essential steps to accelerate yourmanifestation.
  • How to combineintuition and logic for unbeatableresults.
  • The 3 essential daily practices to become amaster manifester.
“Bill & Jan have put a labor of love into the work and you can get so much out of it. I’ve learned some tools which I can use in my everyday life and that’s something that’s been lacking with other programs.” Kristy K.

IT Professional

“A beautiful experience. I came away with tools that have given me some great insights on how to move forward in the world without the baggage of my past and to create whatever is my highest good and soul purpose with no problems.” Christina J.


Jan & Bill have an incredible program that has been put together to help you reach in & pull out the incredible person you are inside.Ben G.


Are You Ready To Step Into Your Power?

Yes! I'm Ready

This is what you get in the Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams program:

  • Weekly easy to follow practical video lessons.
  • Audio versions of each lesson so you can learn anytime, anywhere.
  • PDF workbooks and detailed information sheets that build your blueprint for successful manifestation.
  • Powerful exercises each week to deliver lasting results.
  • Assignments to help you put what you’ve learned into practice.
  • Regular fun quizzes to check your progress.
  • Additional videos and reading lists to supplement your knowledge
  • Daily checklist to keep you on track.
  • Lifetime access to course material.
  • Private Facebook Group to meet and share with fellow students.
  • Certificate of Completion at the end of the course.

Many online programs promise you hours upon hours of material as if quantity is better than quality. Most people find this so overwhelming that they don’t complete the course and fail to get any benefit from their investment. We’ve deliberately designed this course so you can easily complete the lessons and the exercises in around 2 hours per week so you don’t get overwhelmed, and you’ll immediately start to see results which gives you the incentive to continue through to the end.

Plans and Pricing

**Choose Your Plan and Start Your 14 Day Trial For Only $10**

We’re offering a choice of 3 plans to suit your budget so that everyone who is ready and eager to step into their highest potential can get access to this priceless life-changing information.

If you choose either the Co-Creator or Quantum Accelerator plan you also get personal support from us and help with specific issues as you work through the program in our Group or Private Coaching Sessions.

You can even spread the cost with our easy payment plans.


4 Monthly Payments of $97
  • The Complete Empower Your Life: Achieve Your Dreams program plus:
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Daily Checklist & Action Plan
  • Lifetime Access
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 14 day trial only $10
  • Pay the balance in full and SAVE $50

Quantum Accelerator

4 Monthly Payments of $247
  • The Complete Empower Your Life: Achieve Your Dreams program plus:
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Daily Checklist & Action Plan
  • Lifetime Access
  • Private Facebook Group
  • +Four Ask The Expert Group Coaching/Q&A Sessions
  • +Four One-To-One Coaching Sessions
  • 14 day trial only $10
  • Pay the balance in full and SAVE $200
money back guarantee

Our Guarantee To You

We’ve had 100% excellent feedback about this course so we’re sure you’ll love it, but just in case you’re not completely happy with it just let us know within 30 days and we’ll happily issue a full refund.

Still Have Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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