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Become your most MAGNIFICENT self

Fulfill Your PURPOSE and Make a Difference

Your UNIQUE purpose is a TREASURE to share with the world

EMPOWER Your Life, CHANGE Your World

Change happens ONE person at a time

Step into your power as a CONSCIOUS CREATOR

Experience the MAGIC & MIRACLES when you work with the Laws of the Universe

You don't know what you're capable of until you TRY

Don’t let FEAR and INSECURITY stop you from reaching your PEAK potential

The Tidal Wave of Consciousness is the most POWERFUL Force for Change

And you have a VITAL part to play in raising the collective consciousness of humanity

Fulfill Your Purpose, Achieve Your Dreams, Create Unlimited Success

 Learn how to create a fulfilled, prosperous and joyful life and become an empowered manifester of your dreams and desires.

Imagine how it feels to be manifesting all your dreams and desires quickly and easily. Life is magical when you experience love, joy, peace and abundance and YOU can have all that when you know how manifestation works, and when you remove the fears, limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks to achieving your dreams.

Life becomes really exciting and rewarding when you step into your power as a quantum creator, knowing how to manifest your dreams and desires and fulfill your purpose.

Are you ready to co-create the life of your dreams?
That means:

  • Learning how manifestation really works
  • Discovering the powerful co-creator you really are
  • Recognizing and expanding your natural skills.
  • Developing a vision that inspires you to succeed.
  • Achieving life transformations that push the boundaries of possibility.
  • Creating unshakable self-belief.
  • Having the self-confidence to make smart choices
  • Fulfilling your purpose and creating an amazing life.

Being successful makes you smile. Helping you to be successful is our mission at aSmilingWorld. We love helping people reach their highest potential in life & business.

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Empower your life achieve your dreams

Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams Online Course

16-week course that teaches you how to step into your power, fulfill your purpose and create a life of happiness, fulfillment and prosperity

Empower your life achieve your dreams

Empower Your Life : Achieve Your Dreams Workshops

Two days of hands-on, step by step, interactive self-discovery. Learn how to create a fulfilled, prosperous and abundant life.

transformational success coaching

Transformational Success Coaching/Mentoring

Work one-to-one to set powerful goals, heal your core issues, transform your limiting beliefs, discover your life purpose, and manifest the life of your dreams.

One can go to higher profile speakers and only hope to get what Jan and Bill teach. If you truly desire to become empowered in your life, and manifest your goals and dreams, then you should take their Empower Your Life online course.

“When it comes to understanding manifestation, this workshop leaves no stone unturned.  Jan  and Bill are going to change the lives of many people.”

There is no possible way in words I can recommend this coaching highly enough! You must experience it for yourself! You truly owe it to yourself to live a life of Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance! It’s not only possible, it’s probable!

Change Makers

You KNOW what’s going on in the world right now isn’t right and you have a vision for how you want it to change. You feel compelled to be a part of the change and want to join with others to create this new way of living. Whether you are a healer, speaker, author, trainer or mentor YOU are a vital agent for change.

Spiritual Seekers

You’re changing. You’ve become acutely aware that the conventional view of ‘normal life’ isn’t working for the world and isn’t working for you. You feel compelled to find a new way of living that acknowledges and responds to the inner urges of your spirit. You want to be part of a community that resonates with you.

Visionary Entrepreneurs

You have a vision for a business that will make a real difference, help people and change the world. Your business is your passion and failure is not an option. As you develop your business, you develop yourself. Your LIFE purpose is also your SOUL purpose.

Change can only happen from the inside out.


empower your life

Empower Your Life

Discover your authentic self and step into your power as a conscious creator to fulfill your purpose and manifest your dreams. You have the power to create love, joy, peace and abundance and transform your life from the inside out.

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empower your work

Empower Your Work

Fulfill your life purpose successfully and joyfully, working consciously and creatively with the Universal Laws of Success. When you are working and living in alignment with your life purpose you experience a flow that creates a myriad of opportunities and synchronicities.

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